Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday 7th, 2018

Hey everyone!

Quick update for next week, we will be having Mass on Friday, so students are asked to wear their formal uniform. Since it is casual Friday and a PE day as well, they can bring clothes to change after mass.  

We are now changing to google classrooms for all future homework and assignments. I will be attaching important documents, worksheets, aids and study guides on there on a regular basis and updating this blog a few times a week with pictures and announcements. I have sent invitations to your child's email, and will be sending parent invitations as soon as possible. When you receive this email, you can follow the instructions to log in and keep updated with announcements and assignments.  Please feel free to write me if you are experiencing any problems or have any questions regarding this. Thank you!

No homework this weekend, the kids have been working very hard in class everyday, here is a quick summary:

  • Learning about the Writing Process
  • Writing descriptive paragraphs
  • Understanding technology in our world
  • Exploring the design process and what engineers do
  • Learning about numbers all the way up to 1,000 and their values
  • Cooperating as citizens of our country, expressing our rights as citizens and how to obey laws.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend

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